Just what is antisemitism?

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Labour’s Naz Shah, Ken Livingstone and John Mann are all at odds with each other over antisemitism.

Is it antisemitic or racist to criticise anything Jewish?

Aren’t the policies of apartheid, atrocities, and land stealing carried out by the Jewish state of Israel against the Palestinians abhorrent?

Is it antisemitic to say that?

Remember when the words immigration and Muslim were treatedthis way?

To utter anything anti-immigration or anti-Muslim was also classed as racism.

Then UKIP’s dear old Nigel came along and proved we could talk about immigration and Muslims without being called racist.

Maybe we should get ‘Nige’ involved again in proving that criticism of some things Jewish does not mean people are antisemitic or racist.

We criticise Tories, Labourites, Lib-Dems, UKIPers, Christians, Muslims etc, etc, where appropriate with no problem, so what’s the real problem with criticising Jews where applicable?

British politicians Baroness Julia Neuberger and Lord Levy, both Jews, say anti-semitism must be dealt with by Labour.

What is anti-semitism?

Is it the word zionism which is defined as the belief that Jews should have their own nation?

Can someone please tell us how/why the Jews have suddenly become the ‘untouchables’? Not long ago it used to be immigration and Muslims.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley S74