Just forget the HS2

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Can anyone tell me how building the HS2 station at Meadowhall will make it quicker and easier to get to and from London?

Firstly, after negotiating a detour off the mainline you have to get off the train and wait for another one which takes you to the ‘proper’ Sheffield station.

Even then you are left in ‘no man’s land’, near no shops buses or facilities and a dual carriageway to cross if you can’t afford a taxi.

On the other hand you could clamber on to a tram with all your luggage etc, ending up behind the Sheffield station or in the middle of the poor man’s shopping center.

Not a pleasant experience either way.

Please build Sheffield station in Sheffield!

Better than that, put more trains on, forget HS2 and spend the money on sorting out NHS.

And that means National Health Service.

Not ‘international Health Service’.

Alan Marshall

by email