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Pot holes and uneven roads
Pot holes and uneven roads
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A few years ago I wrote stating that in my opinion the problem with our roads deteriorating wasn’t so much age as the poor quality of resurfacing, mainly by the utilities when they have dug the road up.

I have seen lots of really poor resurfacing over the years.

People who drive along Derek Dooley Way, from the Parkway, will have seen the state of the road about 100 yards before the lights at the Wicker.

Although it isn’t that long since the road was built, a large pothole formed in the middle of the road many months ago. Since then I have lost count of the number of times asphalt has been put in it, with, apparently, no attempt to leave it level with the rest of the road.

Every time this has been done, the repair has fallen apart, most recently, within a couple of weeks.

I hope the council contractors are going to make a better job with our roads, but I think it is time the council had inspectors go and check all resurfacing, to make sure it has been done properly.