Junior doctors are only human

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With regard to the junior doctors strike, my sympathy is with them 100 per cent.

How on earth are they expected to concentrate clearly, in life or death situations if they are dog tired? Does the government think that everyone is a machine, whereby if you press a button everyone can go non-stop like a dynamo? Even machines break down sometimes.

Centuries ago slavery was supposed to have been abolished, but clearly the powers that be want to have a re-introduction of the dreadful system.

To add insult to injury everyone these days are expected to work a number of years more before being able to get a state pension.

We are saddened to live in a progressive age when things go forward not backwards. The people who sit behind their little desks working things out in theory should wake up to the fact that in practice things are much more different.

But of course first and foremost they always make sure their own little nests are well and truly feathered.

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