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Arthur Scargill
Arthur Scargill
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Oh dear! More feathers ruffled. Another ‘flaming’ Thatcherite comes out of the closet, almost!

Someone hiding behind the name Steve, S8, suggests Arthur Scargill should not have the same rights as other ‘right to buy’ tenants.

In fact this ‘Steve S8’ suggests because Scargill bought his Barbican flat at a discount he is a socialist hypocrite.

I would like to offer ‘Steve S8’ whoever he is, a welcome to the Barnsley area, including a personal tour of Grimethorpe, Goldthorpe etc., where I, as a member of “the inner circle” (The Star 6/10/16) will be only too pleased to introduce him to hundreds of socialist families that took up Thatchers “right to buy” their homes using Thatchers redundancy ‘blood’ money.

He would then be able to confront these same people and tell them that they are all ‘socialist hypocrites’, in fact he can tell them to their faces that “there is no hypocryte like a socialist hypocrite”.

Awaiting ‘Steve S8’s’ acceptance letter for the “inner circle” tour with interest.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland