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JG Graves
JG Graves
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Thank you for coming to listen to the Story of JG Graves’ Life.

A long time ago I started to read about him at the Central Library.

I was fascinated by his life so we will begin when and where he was born.

In Lincolnshire in a small town called Horncastle the year 1866, August 22.

They were a Wesleyan Methodist family and he was called George.

He had two older sisters and a brother and sister who were younger than him.

The first incident that happened was a considerable risk of danger and perhaps a fatal injury.

His dad took him with him when he went to se a farmer in a village five miles away from Horncastle, George was five years old at the time .

He was put at the back of the cart to hold the reins while his father was closing the gate. But before that happened the horse started to gallop back home. His dad was running after them shouting “Pull one reign, pull one reign.”

You can imagine how a five-year-old would feel but he listened to his father as he always did. Suddenly the cart and the horse went down into the ditch.

Wow, I can imagine they both had a hug and then started back home.

Horncastle August Horse Fair was a great event and again he was out with his dad. He got used to seeing lots of people buying and selling, such as continental buyers in search of particular types of army horses. Plus gypsies who were very shrewd horse dealers. His dad was so proud to have sold a horse to the Royal stables

At eight years old his father decided to move to Heckmondwike in the West Riding to a well-established business which offered fair reward to an energetic competent tradesman.

George went to Batley Grammar School, two miles’ walk whatever the weather.

He said he didn’t really like the school because it had problems at that time.

But he went later in his life and he said it was great.

He started to be involved with science and art, and stayed there until he was 14.

So that was his school and family life.

Diana Stimely

Sheffield, S8