Jam tomorrow but not today

George Osborne
George Osborne
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I wish the media in general and journalists would not write that the “living wage” has kicked in as they did on Friday, April 1,2016.

I know this April fools day, and Osborne is playing a big trick on the people.

All we have is a small increase in the minimum wage.

A wee step towards the living wage wage, which MAY kick in in 2020, “Jam tomorrow” but today?

The aim is £9 a hour in 2020.

But if we take cost of living today, that would be nearer £10 a hour, and this is someone working 40 hours a week.

People ,besides paying essential bills, electricity, gas, water rates, rent or mortgage and putting jam on the table need leisure time,

Whether it is a social drink in the local, an occasional family meal out, going to the pictures or watching/participating in a sport.

Not to mention the a holiday break.

These are part of a healthy life.

This quality of life can’t be achieved on the minimum wage.

As I have written, this increase is a SMALL step in the right direction but there is a long way to go to having a fairer and equal society, this can happen with the help of a living wage.

“Jam tomorrow and every day but not today” Osbourne motto.

Michael Reilly