It seems that Brexit has been forgotten

EU Referendum
EU Referendum
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I have to comment on the election, this is not a normal election but one not only for the near future but the long-term existence of the country. It seems that Brexit has been forgotten.

Jeremy Corbyn - his campaign is just what many people are wanting and needing.

However, much as I believe the wealthy need to pay more tax, unfortunately the rich people do not agree. They like being rich and do not care about the working class and the poor, so they will hide their money in off shore accounts and the like. Therefore Jeremy will have to borrow an enormous amount of money which we will never be able to repay and it will mean the future generations will have the burden also. Jeremy’s ideas are great but wishful thinking/a pipe dream.

Also he has agreed to keep Trident, but does that include the missiles to go with it and pressing the button if needed. Even though I agree that violence is not an answer I do believe that we, Britain, needs a strong leader behind that defence.

Tim Farron - does not have democracy in his vocabulary or know the meaning of it.

He only cares about his beliefs and the EU but not Britain or the people.

Nicola Sturgeon - only believes in Scotland, the EU and her place in history. She does not care about the rest of Britain.

Are these party leaders really capable of running our country, let alone the complicated negotiations on Brexit?

Theresa May - it is unfortunate her mandate includes the elderly paying for care with their homes.

However, she has listened to the people and amended it. I am sure she will continue to listen in future.

I have never voted Conservative before but in this most important election I will because I do believe Theresa May is the ONLY party leader who believes totally in democracy and pur country.

She is the only one who is committed to the people’s democratic decision to leave the EU.

Also I think that Theresa is the only leader/PM strong enough to stand up to the EU and achieve the best deal for Britain.

The election on June 8 needs a great deal of thought before deciding.

The only thing to consider is:- Do you want Great Britain to remain a democratic country or not?

Liz Brookes, a concerned patriot