It’s showBUSiness

Old school: Scott Barton and the bus which is set for a starring role at Glastonbury.
Old school: Scott Barton and the bus which is set for a starring role at Glastonbury.
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IT is an old American school bus which has been used as a mobile home and office, a pop star’s green room and a Hollywood promotional tool. It has also featured in UN picture campaign to encourage global education.

But now this iconic vehicle – owned and adapted by Crosspool events promotor Scott Barton – is really going places. Specifically, it’s going to Glastonbury festival – to be turned into a stage.

“She’s a versatile old girl but I don’t think I ever envisaged her becoming a stage at the world’s greatest music event,” says the 46-year-old of Moorbank Road.

“We’ve actually had her fitted out with toilets, though. So she’ll probably be the best loos there as well as the most unusual performance area.”

All aboard, indeed.

The new assignment will be just the latest stop (ahem) on a journey that has been every bit as exciting as, for example, a ride on the number 51 from Broomhill to Lodge Moor.

Scott, who runs Sheffield’s annual Fright Night and After Dark extravaganzas, bought the bright yellow vehicle in Oklahoma in 2005 to use as a mobile office and home while running his events company. He fitted it out with kitchen, bedroom lounge and work space.

But it proved such a hit with people, he decided the bus should become something of an attraction itself.

“When you take it somewhere, it’s like landing a spaceship,” says the father-of-three. “People come over and want to see inside. It becomes the star of the show where ever it is. We were parking up at these great festivals we were running, and people just wanted to come and look in the bus.”

As such, he renamed his company Yellow Bus Events and started promoting the vehicle as something of a feature in its own right.

It was used as a green room at V Festival in 2011 (Peter Andre and Pixie Lott relaxed there), while 20th Century Fox hired it to promote The Simpsons Movie.

Now, Glastonbury organisers have been in touch...

“At first I presumed they’d probably use it backstage for something,” says Scott, who bought the vehicle for just £2,500. “But then they said they wanted it as a stage.”

The mechanics are being worked out but it is thought the bus will provide the backdrop to a performance platform in the circus area.

“The best thing is as part of the deal we get free tickets,” notes Scott. “So, at the end of each day we’ll be going and sleeping in it.”