It’s daylight robbery

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I would like to warn people about parking at Meadowhall Retail Park after I took my stepdaughter, who is ill, out for retail therapy and lunch.

We stopped at two of the larger retailers there, then drove down the slip road and into the pizza house car park. We were unaware that this was still classed as part of the retail car park.

After lunch we then drove to the rear of The Range outlet to pick up a heavy purchase from the delivery zone, then drove from the area to go home at about 3.40pm.

Ten days later, I received a parking charge notice issued the day before for £50. The letter stated I had overstayed permitted parking time by about 36 minutes.

If I wrote a letter of appeal, I would lose the right to pay a smaller amount of £25 for early payment within 14 days.

As a pensioner, I could not afford to risk this, so reluctantly paid by phone on the same day.

Why put several outlets and an eating place in one enclosure, then not give you time to use these services?

In the future, I will go elsewhere to do my shopping and pay for a space in a car park.

I can then take my time and shop at leisure.

Unhappy Shopper