It’s about time we had a change

Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall
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Further to the letter from Brenda Titterton in The Star, Friday, September 22, about the Labour council of Sheffield being vandals - they are and always have been.

How many times has the city centre been remodelled?

I’m 65 and I’ve lost count.

We had the Egg Box and the Wedding Cake, both gone, then there is the old Town Hall on Waingate left to rot.

Nothing is looked after and so, in the end, has to be replaced, but it’s not their money they are spending.

I wonder what their home budgeting is like?

The lovely old buildings that have been demolished, they’ve finished off what the German planes didn’t get.

I lived for a time in one of the high-rise flats on the Norfolk Park Estate.


Why, because there was no supervision or security.

They were lovely flats and I enjoyed my time there.

The Wicker, the gateway to Sheffield, is a disgrace.

Why have they let so many food outlets open?

They only look after the ground level, the upstairs windows and brickwork look as though there has been no maintenance for years.

And not forgetting Tinsley where I live and the article from the council that was in The Star saying that pollution would be improving because of cleaner vehicles - rubbish!

It can only get worse in the coming years with Ikea and the extension to Meadowhall.

The council ought to live down here, we’ve been suffering for years.

I’m a Labour voter, but I think it is about time we had a change, but who?

Rose Basford