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Coun Peter Price
Coun Peter Price
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It’s a bit rich of Peter Price to accuse others of distortion when he pens such a letter. (January15, 2016). Give credit where it’s due, he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to distortion as his letter proves.

Maybe he needs to cast his eye on the STAG campaign Facebook page to see that all party political posts are banned and posters are removed from the page. It is run along strictly non-political principles! When he’s done there he should avail himself of the council’s own website information regarding trees and the fact that most of the very reasons he quotes in requests allegedly received for wanting felling do not meet with council approval.

I was at that council he refers to and I can categorically state that his version of events is wrong. He has bent the truth, (something he accuses campaign members of doing). He omits to mention the disgraceful behaviour of his party’s members in slow hand clapping and jeering members of the public asking questions from the public gallery.

Another interesting aspect is the set of figures he gives for the number of trees removed and those replanted. Yet again they differ from those given by Terry Fox and again from those given by Amey. Take your pick of which set of figures to believe... there’s plenty to go at.

50,000 trees and 17 new woodlands does not compensate for the loss of thousands of roadside trees. Were he to seek expert opinion he would know this but manifestly no one in council does. I will not deign to give credence to any of his statements on the green credentials he claims for this city. What a joke Councillor Price, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I’m astonished he says he’s proud of his party’s record on trees because what he calls an ‘achievement’ the arboricultural experts are calling environmental vandalism. The legacy they have created for themselves with their non-policy, absurd 6D non-strategy is making our city a laughing stock!

If you want lies and distortion Councillor Price here’s a humdinger for you from your Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment... ‘Felling is always the last resort.’

If he wants to debate these issues maybe he will accept challenges issued to Councillors Fox and Dore to meet campaign leaders in an open debate on Radio Sheffield including a question and answer session where they don’t see questions submitted some days before that have pre-prepared answers written by council officers.

My guess is that he will chose to ignore the challenge in exactly the same way the aforementioned colleagues of his are doing. The policy is run and hide and hope it goes away!

Chairman Sheffield Tree Action Groups

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