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I would like to respond to a letter sent in by JD Arnold about letters sent in by EB Warris andJayne Grayson. On a few occasions, I have written to the letters page, with the same opinion as yours. The letter next to yours, from Jayne Grayson (Monday, September 5) proved our point.

So what if Christmas stuff is in the shops. I don’t like it, but I don’t write a letter moaning about it. It may take three months for people to afford to buy for Christmas, so each to their own.

There are only a couple of letters worth reading each night, so the percentage JD Arnold gave of 60 per cent being trivial tripe is a fair point.

I just hope JD Arnold doesn’t get any angry name-calling letters, like I did, in response to my letters regarding this matter. My conclusion is, they must have shares in the Telegraph and Star!

Twisted Nerve

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