Is there any point in phoning the cops?

South Yorkshire Police
South Yorkshire Police
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I read Monday’s Star stating how crime figures are going down in Sheffield.

Just the previous Sunday evening, I was out walking the dog when I noticed that the local building site was being broken into.

This site has been targeted two or three times already and the hardworking lads on site have had their tools stolen by the low life who would not recognise a hard day’s work if it hit them in the eye.

So I rushed home, dialled 999, waited minutes to be told that I would soon be put through.

After about five minutes I was put through and told the officer that a break-in was either in progress or had just happened.

The guy on the phone said that it would be attended to forthwith.

I then went back to see if the thieves had gone and noticed that they were still on site going through the cabins, so I phoned 101 to try and tell the cops that they could catch the culprits if they got there now.

Fifteen minutes later, no answer from 101 and now nearly an hour had passed with no police in sight, so I gave it up as a bad job and returned home.

The next morning the lads returned to work to find their cabins broken and ruined, their tools missing and no police to be seen .

The point is that if they had attended the night before they could have got a result and removed these criminals from the streets.

So is it any good phoning the cops?

Is the Star headline saying that crime is under control a load of rubbish or was it just another we were too-busy-to-attend sob story?

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