Is that what you want? Yes please!

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Your reader, B Heaton, (Star Letters, February 21), asks “is that what you want?” The answer is an emphatic “Yes please!”

B Heaton needs to be corrected. Trusting the public with the subject of EU membership is the ONLY way of getting the right answer, because it takes the decision out of the hands of the superannuated clique of political hangers-on with a financial vested interest in maintaining the crooked EU enterprise.

Like many others, I remember voting in 1975 to stay in the Common Market, (as it was then), and we thought we knew what we were voting for. Had we known that we were voting for an undemocratic regime run by a privileged élite poking its nose into every facet of British daily life – and its snout into the trough – the outcome may have been different.

It must have completely slipped B Heaton’s notice that the EU published no audited accounts for over 20 years and its ruthless opportunist president, Jean Claude Juncker, (the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg), oversaw the regime which rubber-stamped global tax avoidance within that country on an industrial scale. Juncker and his accomplices have done more for the EU’s grasping money-lenders than for its people.

We’ve heard a plaintive outcry in recent weeks about the American president wanting to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants and placing entry bans on travellers from Muslim countries, (aims which have been roundly condemned by the hypocritical EU intelligentsia).

But it should be remembered that it is the prime minister of an EU country – Hungary – that erects razor-wire fences to prevent the influx of refugees and other migrants into Europe and refers to them as a “poison”.

B Heaton is clearly oblivious to the conspicuous justification for leaving this perverted, aberrant union.

But even allowing for this impaired vision, can he/she present a single shred of evidence for his/her statement that people who voted to leave the EU “effectively voted Tory for the foreseeable future and the ultimate destruction of the NHS”?... or is that just another piece of remoaners’ hyperbole?

Or perhaps it’s just that we stupid, entrenched ‘leavers’ are just too brainless to see the connection!

Neville Martin

Castledine Gardens, Sheffield, S9