Is Jayne a relation?

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May I just ask EB Warris, why, in his response to Lorraine of Fulwood, would Lorraine not have anything worthwhile to write about, just because she lives in Fulwood?

I too, as stated in previous letters, have become bored of the same old this, that and the other, and the same response is ‘take it up with the editor’.

If being called ‘smug’ and a ‘busybody’ is the nicest thing anyone has said to Jayne Grayson, then I think that must say it all.

So Lorraine, while you are living in the leafy suburb of Fulwood, to which you have probably worked hard to do so, just ponder on this thought – either the editor is related to Jayne, or she just needs to fill a gap on the letters page, as there seems to be one from Jayne every night.

Twisted Nerve

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