Irish are proud of litter-free country

Fly tipping
Fly tipping
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A couple of years ago I wrote about a holiday in Ireland and how I saw a litter-free rural area in and around County Monaghan.

I have just returned from a similar holiday and I was still met by a litter-free environment, not a cigarette end, no drinks cans or bottles, no plastic carrier bags, which are illegal in Ireland, no grafitti sprayed anywhere.

I’ve seen a villager in Glaslough come out of their cottage and shout a holidaymaker back to pick up a till receipt that was accidentally dropped, which they did.

I have to ask myself why is it that the Irish have pride in their litter-free country and here people have no respect for the areas where they live or the countryside where illegal fly tippers operate without fear of being caught.

Here where I live rubbish is dumped on a daily basis and despite letting the council know about problems for more than 30 it still goes on.

I’m told “we will catch the fly tippers” but they don’t and this is despite names and addresses being left with rubbish that’s been fly- tipped.

Every single day you can see litter being dropped in town but you never see any wardens operating, I don’t know if the city ambassadors have the power to pull these people but I do know they have the power to hang around the Winter Garden, because that’s the only place I see them.

The Irish can keep a litter-free country, why can’t we?

I’m afraid if I had the power I would imprison the perpetrators, no matter who they are and give a £1,000 fine.

How people can just dump rubbish on someone else’s doorstep is beyond me. The council has a lot to answer for by not getting on top of the problem, but then again the Town Hall is full of paper tigers, they are all mouth and trousers.

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