In the market for a Royal Wedding

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THERE’S no-one likes Sheffield’s Castle Market more than your diarist - what with its bargains, its characters and its faint whiff of semi-legality.

But selling it as a royalist destination ahead of the wedding of Wills and Kate? A stretch too far surely?

Not, it seems, according to Welcome To Yorkshire, the county’s tourist cheerleaders.

It reckons the market’s royal connections - Mary Queen of Scots was briefly kept a prisoner at the castle - make it a perfect tourist destination in the year of the nuptials.

“With the Royal Wedding it is the perfect time for Sheffield businesses to capitalise,” says chief exec Gary Verity.

Forgive us for being a little sceptical.

Cracking pies down there, though.

Marathon Man

A WARNING: It might make your muscles hurt just reading the next few lines.

But if you’re in Sheffield’s Graves Park on Sunday, you’ll probably see a chap running around it.

That’s Andy McMenemy, and he’s doing an ultra-marathon, a run of 50km.

Sounds hard work? Not for Andy, a motivational speaker from Harrogate. It’s just one of 66 he’s currently doing in 66 UK cities over 66 consecutive days.


His challenge started yesterday in Leeds and ends May 20 in York.

Good luck, fella.

Spanish sonnets

BARCELONA comes to The Bowery when a Catalan poet is celebrated in Sheffield.

The work of cult icon Joan Brossa will be read aloud and put to music at the Devonshire Street bar on March 31. Starts 8pm. Free.