If you did this, you should be ashamed

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I am a resident of Sheffield, I love my city and really appreciate that we have two universities and all of the vibrancy that the students bring - I live just off Ecclesall Road so I live among a lot of students.

However, I witnessed something recently that so appalled me that it made me feel sick.

I was walking through the underpass at the roundabout at the end of Ecclesall Road, there was a homeless person lying down in a sleeping bag, head under cover trying to find some peace I suppose.

As I entered this section of the underpass so did a group of young people.

I can’t prove that they were students but I’m certain that they were, to me they seemed to be first year students and there were about 12 of them, mainly male.

As we came close to passing I heard one of the few females say loudly, “Watch this”, she then took a deep drag on her cigarette and as she passed the defenceless person in the sleeping bag she flicked her cigarette ash on to the sleeping bag.

Her mates then gave a mixture of reactions as I turned and said loudly, “that is disgraceful, you should be ashamed of yourselves”, the group jeered me with a variety of explitives.

While I acknowledge that nothing unlawful happened I feel that the behaviour of the female was depraved, how can a normal human being think that this acceptable behaviour?

I understand that neither university can be responsible for students bad behaviour but I do know from experience that both take interaction between locals and students seriously.

I’m not sure what can be done.

I will send this same letter to the council, police and the universities.

Glynn Fearn

by email