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Wonderful, a village centre at Waverley, nothing wrong with that, actually probably welcome, but and here’s the rub, no mention of a school.

Are they going to wait until all the land is covered and then say sorry there’s no room for a school.

Following on from that, no I wouldn’t live on the Waverley.

When I was a youngster me and my brother would go pea picking at Treeton and would walk over that land and over the yellow river, so no thanks.

PH Siddall

Fairburn Gardens, Brinsworth

Protecting his country

What the hell does Trump’s actions have to do with our liberal, do-good softies?

He is doing what he got elected for, protecting HIS country.

If I lived with a country like Mexico, where criminals including drug pushers and murderers got easy access, I would expect borders to be closed or restricted.

It is worth noting that countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have not taken any refugees.

It is also worth noting that Obama drew up a list of more countries and indeed in 2011 banned people from Iraq .

Trump is criticised over his views on torture, yet , where are the protesters when some of the states Trump is targeting, behead and burn alive their victims and film it?

He is right, we are not fighting on a level playing field.

So we have to fight fire with fire, unlike some, who would make tea and biscuits and try to talk to terror suspects and their supporters.

The soft approach does not work.

If anything happened to these protesters because of these states they would blame leaders for not doing anything.

This ban in the USA is only temporary until proper methods of control and monitoring are in place to make their country safer.

It’s time we had leaders who sorted out these minorities who try to ruin our way of life.


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Just in time

Justyn Thyme, was just in time to meet Teresa when he nipped in to Harrods, let’s hope it was Theresa with an H, now that would have been a scoop to go with his veal and ham pie.

If he had waited until he got back to Dronfield he would have got his pie a lot cheaper.

EB Warris

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Shangri La in Malin Bridge

I asked him out of interest where he’s from, you don’t get many Chinese lads driving private hire in Sheffield. He’s a bit nervous but answers ‘Tibet’.

Not for the first time I ‘m gobsmacked and a wee bit chuffed.

The conversation flows from then on – Dalai Llama, Lhasa and as I exit we are laughing and smiling. The Abominable Snowman are my last words’.

Shangri La in Malin Bridge – perhaps.

James Hilton


Too cool

for school

I get it, I was young once. I remember going to school in ankle socks ,it was feet high in snow but I thought I don’t care I wanna look cool.

I bet I looked stupid but hey it was the 70s.

Seeing kids tonight on the school run it’s Baltic but there’s not a coat or scarf in sight, just kids shivering with bright red hands and feet.

It just goes to show that even down the years kids are always too cool to wear coats even if it’s – 2C.

Jayne Grayson

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Distortion of the truth

INEOS-the petrochemical giant, that for years evaded UK tax – is running scared. Why else would they want to spend many thousands on putting eight pages of pro-fracking propaganda in newspapers?

Ask yourself “What are they trying to sell me?” It is all disguised as if it is good for the country, not the good of their making huge profits out of desperate attempts to explode shale rock.

To make that pay they must drill hundreds of wells in this area. We don’t want that.

The supplement is cleverly produced by highly paid spin doctors to make it look as if it is part of the usual newspaper content, with only very small letters in the top border (​that you may not have seen) showing that this was an Advertising Feature.

If INEOS had a good case, there would not be over 80 per cent of local people objecting to proposals for them to frack in North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

The boss of INEOS thinks that shouting loudly in paid-for print proves FACTS. It doesn’t.

I can’t answer in an un-paid for space every assertion and distortion of the truth they have made.

Let me give you, however, one example. It is an important one – safety.

INEOS states that it “has a very good safety record within the chemical industry”.

That is not correct. Currently the Grangemouth company is subject to a Health and Safety Executive Improvement Notice which has to be obeyed by April 28 this year.

This is “due to failure to take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences for human health and the environment”.

At Falkirk court in May 2008 they were fined £100,000 for the “failure of a pipeline”. They leaked many gallons of crude oil into the beautiful Firth of Forth.

September 2010 workers were injured on their Grangemouth site and a man lost his finger.

2011 the HSE said that “ Ineos failed to keep up-to-date with latest health and safety advice”. No guards on machinery. Runcorn magistrates fine​d them £12,000.

Again at Falkirk court they were fined £24,000 in August 2015. This was because a workman was sprayed in the face by steam and left lying on a high platform – due to a lack of basic safety precautions with piping.

The chemical firm was fined £166,650 in August 2015 over a toxic spill in Runcorn canal.

INEOS has been served 11 legal enforcement notices by the HSE for breaking the rules 34 times at Grangemouth between 2011 and 2014.

There are plenty of other examples.

One could be forgiven for thinking that INEOS would rather cut corners on safety and then pay fines.

What do they want the gas for, anyway?

Your gas fire or cooker doesn’t concern them.

They want the shale gas to convert into ethylene, for making all sorts of plastics up at Grangemouth.

Unless it is biodegradable, plastics are poisonous for fish and marine animals and is now even getting into the air we breathe.

David Larder

Chair Bassetlaw Against Fracking