I would live in one tomorrow

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Poor EB Warris, he sure leads a sad life sending uninteresting rubbish to The Star every day. I don’t know quite what his comments about prefabs were insinuating, but there was nothing wrong with them. We lived in a prefab for 27 years. Originally they were put up for 10 years but luckily the council kept extending their lives.

Ours were American, brought in sections by boat and constructed here. I must say they were better than the Phoenix ones on Arbourthorne. They were cosy and roomy too and all had nice gardens. Ours didn’t have any damage during the gales in the ’60s.

People who passed on buses were heard to call them ‘rabbit hutches’ but they had obviously never lived or been in one. They also helped solve the housing problem after the war. I would live in one tomorrow, if I could.