I worked for the privilege

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I read EB Warris’s letter in tonight’s Star, Monday, May 9, and while I have not read the letter from “Lorraine of Fulwood” I am quite concerned by the assumptions made by EB Warris that because Fulwood is a “leafy part of Sheffield” those who live there are to be considered privileged and therefore not entitled to an opinion.

Are we to assume therefore that only those who are not so privileged are entitled to an opinion?

You may not be surprised that I live in Fulwood and I know that compared to many I may be considered privileged but along with many other inhabitants of Fulwood I and my family have worked over the years to build successful careers, that have enabled us to enjoy the benefits of living in such a pleasant area.

The assertion that we have no reason to write about this, that, and the other smacks of an opinion bred out of envy.

EB Warris regularly appears to have many opinions, judging by the number of letters which have been published by The Star.

Bob Bonsall