I wonder if BBC would let me borrow Tardis

Star of Lemont, Hermitage Street
Star of Lemont, Hermitage Street
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Vin Malone’s Retro features on Little Sheffield set me wondering if the BBC would let me borrow the Tardis to take me back to those happy days.

This was when the Sheffield gangs had been taken off the streets, Wednesday had been the top club in the country for three years and Hermitage Street was a lively place with its humbug factory, four pubs and school linking Bramall Lane to London Road, Walls ice cream factory on John Street and all the little mesters.

My family of 10, with my mother the cornerstone, was full of sport and dance music from the wireless.

My five sisters had just started their working lives and were soon to start their boyfriend troubles.

Bramall Lane hosted professional sprinting, the greatest cricketers and held the first football match under floodlights in 1878.

Sheffield United held the FA Cup for the longest period between 1915 and 1919 and played in the first match broadcast on the radio in 1927, when they lost 2-1 to Arsenal.

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