I really don’t think this is acceptable

Bin collections
Bin collections
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I put my bin out the night before collection last week as I always do.

The next day I went to collect mine and my neighbour’s bin for his to be emptied but mine hadn’t even though they was next to each other.

I rang Veolia and explained that my bin hadn’t been emptied and they said that it had been marked down as being emptied but they would send someone else back out either the same day or the next day (Friday).

I explained that in this heat and as I have a child in nappies it needed to be done, because if it got missed again it would be left all weekend.

I was at work all day on the Friday so wouldn’t be able there so I rang to check. I was advised on the phone it had been done at 11 that morning. When I returned home from work at 6.30pm the bin had not been emptied again.

I rang and left a voicemail asking for someone to ring me back ASAP but no one did.

Today I have rung back and explained now that the bin is covered in flies and maggots and that the bin is not in a state I want to receive it back as it’s been left in the heat now for another four days when two weeks is long enough in this extreme heat.

I was then advised that I would have to go and buy the stuff to clean the bin because they wouldn’t send me a new bin as it costs them, but it’s OK for me to go and spend money on cleaning products for it, even though they have caused this issue.

I also asked why I was advised on Friday it had been emptied when it hadn’t.

She said: ‘Oh I can see what she’s done, she’s looked at the wrong day. We have only got it as being emptied on Thursday.’

If that’s the case they never even booked another collection for me on Thursday when I rang originally.

I really don’t think it’s acceptable that they will not send someone out to clean the bin or give me a new bin.

I am told I have to go out and buy the stuff and do it myself.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the cheaper option for them for me to do it myself, it’s not me who’s caused this, so why should the responsibility now get pushed onto me?

I get that other people are having this problem on a normal two-week bin cycle but I don’t as I keep my bin in the shade outside my property and also get it cleaned.

But as there are a lot of steps to my property I couldn’t bring it up the steps full to put it back in the shade.

I can’t physically do this as it’s too heavy and now the bin has been left in the sun all weekend and it’s now been nearly three weeks.

Helen Parfrement

Sheffield, S12