I need a new greenhouse

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I’m not a very sympathetic man – some say not at all, but some things really do wind me up.

When we were brought up you looked after your own, now it seems if you reach a crisis in life you contact a newspaper or a social media site.

With regards to a recent story in this paper regarding a cancer diagnosis I read the first page and automatically wondered where on the following page the request for donations would be.

Lo and behold halfway down page 3 a donation address. This lady would like to take her offspring to Spain for a family holiday that she can’t afford and is asking for donations.

But read on, she also wants to take her friend’s family, about 10 in total, and a mere £10,000 should suffice.

If this doesn’t work luv, try Facebook, they’re even more gullible on there.

PS I could do with a new shed and greenhouse please contact ×××××××××××.

JW Vintin

by email