I’m having no truck with it

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Nobody under the age of 59 was able to vote in the first referendum on what is now the EU.

As a young man, I listened to Edward Heath and Harold Wilson, who represented the Tories and Labour, ‘advising us’ to vote ‘in’ – and I followed their devious advice.

Shortly before his death, Edward Heath admitted to lying to the electorate in order to win – which, as we all know – happened.

They sent a stunningly dishonest brochure/leaflet to every house the same as happened recently.

They enticed us with promises of ‘reform’ still not achieved after 41 years.

Most Labour and many Conservative politicians are sticking to the ‘old formula’ to win again.

After thoroughly researching the EU and finding out how truly dreadful it is – I have refused to have any truck with either party ever since.

LG Arnott

by email