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Graham, letters, April 28, seems to need some facts, I hope I can help, the poor chap is a little confused!

I do not understand why he is so worried about keeping EU laws and staying in the single market.

Next, if the SNP force another referendum the result will not be “incomprehensible”, it will be democratic and I will respect it.

The pound has fallen from too high a value, making our exports cheaper, so buy British, don’t worry Graham!

Next, savings rates are low because inflation and minimum lending rate are at record lows.

Pensions are linked to the stock market as long-term investments and are performing very well since the Brexit decision.

Free movement is a thorny issue I agree but will be OK with Graham if we stay in the single market as he wants.

Gibraltar voted 96% remain, I am afraid they cannot have their cake and eat it, they can remain and have closer ties with Spain and the EU.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know what he wants.

The EU has been negotiating T.TIP for years with no end in sight.

Afree trade agreement with the US and GB would be a lot easier.

Yes, Graham there are lots of issues, all of which I understand very well.

In June the British people can decide who they trust to do all this.

Whoever wins I will accept the democratic decision without moaning.

As for the Scots, well, they have a very simple choice, a big voice in Westminster or a tiny squeak in Brussels.

Gary Speck

by email