I’m correct then?

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A Smith, The Star, February 19, seems to be getting his knickers in a twist, simply because I suggested OAPs in the UK were rewarded less than in many other EU countries and they may be asked to contribute to the biased BBC’s licence fee.

The poor man writes an obnoxious letter regarding the matter but then actually agrees I am right.

He even agrees we are the fifth worse off behind Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

I suppose, according to A Smith, who is obviously a ‘Posh’ Dave and BBC supporter, that’s not too bad out of a total of 28 EU members, another reason to get out of the EU?

As for visiting Portugal and Germany many OAPs in the UK, unlike A Smith, can’t afford to heat their homes never mind go touring abroad.

So, A Smith instead of becoming befuddled, count to 10, sit down, think things through and agree I was right after all.

Enjoy your future Star letter reading.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74