I like his boldness, but little balance needed

Magid Magid.
Magid Magid.
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Thank you for choosing a vibrant and young face to represent our city.

It is exactly what we need and is a great advert for the diversity and youthfulness of our wonderful people.

I appreciate Magid Magid’s irreverent style and his ability to bring people together.

I truly believe we have more that unites us than divides us.

However, publicity and stunts can go too far.

Need I mention the expletive-ridden, politically-tilted posters imposed at Tramlines festival and across social media, letting the world know that Sheffield can do no better to express itself than use street speak and expletives?

Or should I mention the constant attempts at publicity by our Mayor who, from my feedback from citizens in our town, is ostracising many sections of our population, both young and old.

The Battle of Orgreave letter, sent to MPs of great standing, written in Yorkshire dialect, is embarrassing our city.

If we are to be taken seriously, we need a Mayor who can perform both civic and ambassadorial duties.

Is our city really this desperate for the publicity?

I write this letter out of greatest respect.

I am not being a good citizen if I ignore the views of those my work serves and the views that they have.

I respect Magid and applaud him for his work, his personality and his boldness.

Can we just have a little balance please?

Adam Bradford

Sheffield, S20