I hate to be misquoted

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I’m sorry to be pedantic- but I hate to be misquoted. In Friday’s Star Vin Malone said I accused him off having a ‘bash’ at Gleadless Valley when I actually used the word ‘blast’ – meaning a sharp criticism rather than a violent attack.

He then accuses me of saying: “There will always be those who bring the neighbourhood down and that’s NOT true of Gleadless valley” when what I actually said was “…that’s not JUST true of Gleadless Valley,” meaning it’s the same all over.

However, many neighbourhood groups including ones in Sharrow, Heeley and Gleadless Valley, organise volunteers for regular litter picking if he’d like to join.

We know if only everyone in the city took responsibility for keeping their locality clean and free of litter and disposed of all their rubbish responsibly (including their pets waste) then the city would soon be a better place.

I am well aware there are some people too lazy to walk to a bin and who make little effort to recycle but a big problem in the valley is on the maisonette blocks where 20 households have to share one dumpster and the chutes for food waste are constantly getting blocked.

The system there is simply inadequate.

Finally he is wrong to say all residents share his view– some of us do love where we live, including me.

I regularly walk in the valley, and other parts of the city but choose to see and enjoy the good in it while still acknowledging the bad and trying to do something about it.

Anne Johnson

by email