I go to work to earn money

Spearmint Rhino
Spearmint Rhino
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It’s asked why women work in clubs like Spearmint Rhino.

Is it to put their bodies on display, be the centre of attention?

Who knows? Until the Star send a reporter round and ask why they do the job we won’t know. I go to work to earn money as these women do, that’s why we all go to work, so I suspect that’s the same reason for them.

Jayne Grayson

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Correcting corrections

Veteran councillor Peter Price says: “Just to correct the misinformation repeated by LS, there was no decades of debt from the World Student Games, the cost of the Games were settled in 1992”. (http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/your-say/am-i-past-my-sell-by-date-1-8514394)

Far from correcting ‘misinformation’, the council’s latest accounts say “The outstanding liability as at March 31, 2016 is £114.7m.”

Coun Douglas Johnson

Sheffield Green Party

Sheffield’s heritage

After all the comments made over the years regarding the conservation of Sheffield’s heritage it’s often difficult to avoid repeating them. J Robin Hughes’ recent thoughtful letter was a Godsend with his perception that a ‘sea change’ may be on the horizon in the manner of how Sheffield regards the latter.

Robin’s observations about ‘changes at the top of the council’ – is this in regard of political leaders or council officers and their responsibilities?

And ‘revived realisations’ ‘that Sheffield’s heritage is worth shouting about’ plus changes in the ‘municipal mindset’ – well how is this evidenced?

Surely it has to come from within the council cabinet with the clarification of who now has responsibility for heritage in their planning portfolio and the elevation of the heritage champion role maybe to within the cabinet?

As Robin points the proof will be in the final product.

Ron Clayton


Why pick on the Blades?

Oh dear, the letter from Chris Gee, (Star, April 22), smacks of sour grapes!

I can appreciate that they are fed up with Chesterfield FC this season, due to their poor performances, and have decided to stay away for a ‘very long time’. But, why have a go at Sheffield United? Over the years, there has been a good relationship between both clubs, with many positive links.

Look at Chesterfield’s match programme from November 2016, when they played the Blades, which is a good example.

League 1 is a hard league to get out of, as SUFC fans know only too well and Chris Wilder has worked miracles in his first season.

We may be the ‘biggest and richest’ club in League 1 but this is mainly due to our large fan base sticking by the club through some very difficult times in recent years.

If everyone stayed away when they were fed up with their football club, some clubs would not survive. Supporters stick with their team during bad times as well as good.

As for SUFC banning the Owls Kop band, I along with the majority of other fans, welcomed this.

Who wants to listen to the same monotonous tune for 90 minutes?

It could well be a ‘health and safety’ issue, as having to listen to this could push you over the edge.

I can’t see why Chris is using this as an excuse not to sit in the away end at the Lane. It has nothing to do with United achieving promotion and Chesterfield being relegated.

As for the facilities, Chris has heard from a third party that ‘some are OK but others are terrible’ –why is this important if they have no intention of going there?

I and my family have been season-ticket holders for years and are happy with facilities at the Lane. If people have had problems with the facilities, then they should report these so that the club can do something about it.

I would also like to add a comment on the letter from Mrs PM Woodhouse, S2, in the Star on the same date.

I totally agree with his views on the Sheffield Half Marathon.

You would think that any right-minded person would appreciate how much this event does for the city, the sheer commitment and dedication from all the runners involved, and all the event volunteers, not to mention the wonderful work for many charities.

Why are some people so selfish that they cannot cope with the minor inconvenience of a few roads being out of action for several hours once a year? I cannot understand why these people feel the need to complain.

Anyway, “Up the Blades” and good luck to both teams for next season.

Karen Hockney

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Kind-hearted people still

On the Saturday morning of April 29, my husband, who is 88 , fell while walking along Cumberland Street. I would like to thank the three people who stopped to help us.

They called the First Responders and helped comfort us until the paramedics arrived.

The garage on that road also offered their waiting room as a rest area whilemy husband was treated.

He is bruised but fortunately on the mend.

It is good to know there are still kind-hearted people.

Mr & Mrs R Hague

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Kindness not forgotten

I had to smile when I read tonight’s Star (Stick Health & Safety) as the very same thing happened to our family way in 1993 at Mansfield!

It was Billy Dearden’s Testimonial and SUFC were playing Mansfield Town.

My two sons – who were then nine and 12 were proudly waving their flags they had obtained at the Wembley FA Cup semi-final earlier in the year, (we won’t dwell on the fact they lost 2-1 to the Owls!), when they were pounced upon by an official who told us to put the flags away or they would be confiscated.

We looked around the sparse ground – the nearest supporters were more than two flag lengths away and we expected to see St John Ambulance on standby waiting for victims of “enthusiastic flag waving”.

I was so flabbergasted I wrote to Mansfield’s manager – who by then was Billy Dearden.

A few days later I answered a knock at the door to be greeted by Billy Dearden himself – who had come to apologise and had even brought my sons an autographed football.

I was so taken aback that he had taken the time and trouble to call and see us and his kindness will never be forgotten.

Up, Up, Up The Blades.

Jill Oldale

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Blades sharper than ever

Congratulations are in order for Sheffield United, their achievement reaching 100 points, it’s no mean task and along with their plans for the stadium, its manager, players, and back room staff, it seems the Blades will be sharper than ever.

EB Warris

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