I don’t wish to live in pig sty

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I fully agree with Councillor Price regarding the litter pick by Holgate Meadows School and John Lewis, (Wednesday, March 9). Thank you and well done to this group.

I saw this group too just after I had been complaining to my husband about the state of the grass verges at the top of Lindsay Avenue towards where it meets with Buchanan Road, with empty cans, bottles, paper blowing about.

It frequently looks like that and not just when it has been windy.

What I do not understand is how and why the people who live in these houses can leave their grass verges in this state at all.

It may not be their own litter, but I would like to say to them – if you have any pride in yourselves and your area, then please make an effort and pick it up.

Set a good example to the children who are growing up now.

Feel proud of where you live.

All it needs is for people to take a good look at their own area and do their bit.

Not necessarily as part of Clean for the Queen campaign but maybe for a Be a Better Neighbour or Let’s Have a Cleaner Sheffield’ campaign.

I was recently in Iceland’s car park at Sheffield Lane Top and remarked to another woman shopper about the litter that had accumulated in it over many months.

Her reply was an absentminded ‘I’ve never really noticed’.

This is the main problem.

People no longer see litter as it becomes the ‘norm’.

Thanks must also go to Iceland for the much needed clean-up. Please keep up the good work.

Sheffield is fast becoming one large pig sty.

I for one do not wish to live in a pig sty.