I don’t trust either party

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After more than 50 years of voting Labour at the last General Election I voted for someone else.

I was concerned about the effect of mass immigration on many aspects of our life, and what this would mean in 20 years’ time.

What kind of world would my great grandchildren be living in?

I heard absolutely nothing from Labour about controlling mass immigration, and I heard nothing from them about renewing our nuclear capability at a time when the world is getting more and more dangerous.

I did hear from two parties that they would at least try and control immigration, and renew our nuclear defence, and I voted for one of those parties.

Now we have Jeremy Corbyn installed as Labour leader, and I do wonder who I will vote for in 2020?

I fear that if the Government fails to do a hard deal on leaving the EU, and continue to run the country on an “austerity” platform, then voters will vote them out.

That’s fine, but who are they going to vote for to run the country?

I believe that if Corbyn becomes PM then the first thing he will do is go running to the EU trying to get back in with them, and I also believe any restrictions on immigration will be thrown out of the window, or a least watered down.

I recall seeing Corbyn interviewed in the Labour leadership contest, and he seemed to think that mass immigration was fine, so I hardly see any chance of Labour trying to control immigration.

Our schools, hospitals, jobs, and housing are stretched now, so what would they be under a Corbyn Government?

If the Tories don’t act hard on Brexit and they keep up the austerity programme, then they deserve to be kicked out.

But how can I vote for a Labour Government that don’t even want to try and control immigration, and who would lower our defence options?

I have just watched John McDonnell giving his speech at the Labour conference, and he didn’t mention either.

He gave us lots of waffle but no substance.

It’s OK saying they will bring in a minimum wage of £10 per hour but that’s not much good if half the jobs are going on immigrants, and you can’t get a house because immigrants are taking the bulk of the properties available for rent because they are prepared to live in groups all paying a share of the rent, as is happening now.

£10 an hour isn’t much good if you are ill and can’t get a doctor’s or hospital appointment because of the pressure on them.

I voted to leave the EU and gain control of our borders.

I got that vote because the Tories promised it, but that doesn’t mean I am happy with their austerity policy.

If I vote Labour in 2020, I may get some changes to austerity, but lose any control of mass immigration brought in by the Tories.

It’s only three years away so we have to start considering our options now.

To be honest, I don’t trust either the Tories or Corbyn to deliver what I want.