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I don’t know about Deerlands Avenue but I would like to nominate Upper Albert Road for the worst road in the city.

This is a 1 in 6 hill which often features on Look North because it ices over in wintertime. Every inch of grip is needed especially as the highways department have constructed chicanes to slow traffic down.

The road is a patchwork quilt and often has potholes four inches deep. These are sometimes at the side of speed ramps so in effect making them deeper. These have been patched and patched.

What do we get? Two men turn up and fill the hole with tar. I wonder how many times they have been to Upper Albert Road?

I have lost track of the number of headlight bulbs I have had to replace due to the bumps and potholes on this road. Halfords must be making a fortune from it.

Many roads in this area have been resurfaced, for example Hemsworth Road and Norton Lane, neither of which were bad.

Many of the side roads at Woodseats have been resurfaced such as (I think) Broxholme, Nettleham and Aisthorpe Roads.

These are all roads made up of cobbled setts with a thin layer of Tarmac on top. The Tarmac has been replaced. Could it be because these roads are easy to do when the inhabitants have gone to work?

Another road which has had work done is Richards Road. A parking lay-by was constructed so that the local residents (who had nowhere to park) could park their vehicles off the main road thus not narrowing it for through traffic.

The work done is fantastic, everyone wins. A problem solved, except...the work stopped about 50 yards short at each end of making this a really good job. The Tarmac beyond this job has been patched or is breaking up and will need resurfacing soon.

All that was needed when the lay-by was being constructed and all the men and materials were on site was for the extra 50 yards at each end to be done at the same time. This would have been at marginal cost. Instead someone will eventually have to keep patching it, again and again, and…

Incidentally last weekend I drove through the centre of Bristol. No bumps, no potholes, it was like driving on velvet.

SW Ryszka

Norton Lees, S8