I completely despair at the ignorance of some people

One of the trees due to be felled.
One of the trees due to be felled.
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With reference to the article ‘Residents tell protesters we want trees to be axed’ (Star, May 6). I hate to criticise some of my fellow Sheffielders but sometimes an occasion arises when things need to be said, even if it ruffles a few people’s feathers.

There are unfortunately areas of the city in which, due to a lack of education and understanding, people do not realise or appreciate the importance of what they have around them, trees being one of those things.

Unbelievably some residents are only bothered about sap from trees falling on their cars or having to sweep up leaves but sadly never see the wider picture of what a vital role trees play in keeping us healthy apart from the obvious benefits of their beauty and the way they visually enhance our neighbourhoods.

Frightening statistics regarding our air quality have just been released which show that pollution across the country has exceeded dangerous levels and is causing 40,000 deaths per year and that is why it is so essential that we retain our roadside trees.

Are the residents of Maple Grove in Handsworth not concerned about the future effect that felling large numbers of mature trees will have on their families’ health? They mention that the trees are breaking up pavements, (although this isn’t visible in The Star’s photographs), and are causing difficulties for the elderly and people pushing prams. However, in most cases the problem can be easily resolved by using engineering solutions already incorporated into the Amey contract without resorting to the extreme and unnecessary action of felling.

The residents need to wake up to the reality of what is happening throughout our city and the dangers to our environment caused by Sheffield City Council’s disgraceful felling of thousands of our city’s street trees, which provide us with essential protection from toxic road traffic pollution.

I despair at the ignorance of some people and their inability to understand the serious repercussions that the council’s deplorable actions will have on the health of all Sheffield citizens for many years to come.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10