I am proud to be a Sheffielder too

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Good for Hannah McCreesh, 20-something and Lifestyle Blogger – Star columnist, Friday, August 12.

I also agree with Hannah, Sheffield is a fine city and it’s far too easy to moan and grumble about it, the litter, the trees, the roads, the run-down areas, the buses, the council and on and on it goes.

It’s lovely and a refreshing change when someone compliments our green and friendly ‘big village’ especially when it’s from an outsider who has chosen to put down roots here and openly loves to shout about it.

I’m with you Hannah, I love Sheffield too, the people, the northern humour, the friendliness, the parks and open spaces, the things to do and places to visit and I am proud to be a ‘Sheffielder’.

Sssh! don’t tell everyone though they will all want to come and live here.

It’s our secret.

Susie London