I am in total favour of this service station

How the service station at Smithy Wood could look.
How the service station at Smithy Wood could look.
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Unlike S Collins (Letter,March 28) I am a local resident and do live near the proposed service station. I am also a member of the group, the Friends of Chapeltown Park, a member of The Thorncliffe Conservation Group and a member of the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

I am in total favour of this proposed service station, and along with many local residents think it will be beneficial to our area, as I have often stated before.

The writer says that

The Star should be impartial, (in my view and many other peoples it is) and the writer is really angry with them, publishing an eight-page pull-out on the plans submitted by the MSA Extra group.

Didn’t the writer notice the two pages published in the Star on March 1, giving the views of the groups campaigning against the proposed service station, and the many articles that have also been written about it?

The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, along with the other groups , have published lots of articles in their effort to get the proposed service station cancelled, as is their right.

The writer says that MSA Extra is not interested in the few part-time jobs it will create, only in making money, well surprise, surprise that’s what businesses endeavour to do, make money.

But the full impact of their investment and their proposals for the area, (please read it all), is fantastic and will be massively beneficial to the area.

I do hope it receives the planning approval required. We all have our opinions, and have the right to give them, and should also respect other people’s views .

Well done to the Star for giving us the chance to evaluate the pluses and minuses of this and many other controversial subjects.

Whatever the outcome of the planning application is, it will not suit everybody, but hopefully we will all get up the next day and get on with our controversial lives.

Mick Gethin

Westbury Ave, Chapeltown, S35