Hundreds lied about age

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Official figures released show that hundreds of migrants arriving here from the Calais ‘jungle’ lied about their ages.

They pretended to be under 18 when in fact they were discovered to be nearer 30 by social workers.

A total of 465 were found to be lying and were over 18.

When many ordinary people here suggested this fact all hell was let loose by ‘establishment’ figures and other minions like Gary ‘Crispy’ Lineker calling people racists etc., because they dared question a simple common sense fault by all to see being made.

How many of these immigrant ‘children’ did ‘Crispy’ welcome into his home?

Will they no longer be welcome there now it’s been discovered many are actually older than him.

We should have ‘smelt a rat’ when we noticed some could grow a beard better than ‘Crispy’ himself.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74