Humbug! Why I’m an Arctics fan

Sheffield scene mug
Sheffield scene mug
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STRANGE how things work out, isn’t it?

The first (and last) time I saw the Arctic Monkeys was in 2004 in a Wakefield bar roughly the same size as my dad’s shed, and I remember the exact conversation I had with a friend minutes afterwards.

“Bit rubbish,” went I. “What were they called?”

“Arctic Monkeys,” quoth he. “Daft name - but, then, I don’t think we’ll be hearing it again.”

And then, for two years, we barely heard anything else as these so-called Monkeys topped charts, smashed records, sold out gigs, and were generally announced to be the favourite band of everyone ever – and Gordon Brown’s too.

And yet this weekend, seven years after dismissing them, and even though even now I still can’t like their debut album no matter how hard I try, I’ll be going to see them at Don Valley Bowl.

And the strange thing is I couldn’t be more excited.

Because more than music - and actually I loved third album Humbug - this is four local lads done good without ever compromising their roots or principles.

And how can you not love that?

One question, though: how on Earth can you tell a man has a driving ban just from the look in his eye?

Pfft, I know, I know. He’s a lyrical genius 99 per cent of the time.

AND finally I’ll be drinking for Sheffield from now on with this ace new cup - sent in by a reader.

Photographer John Scholey, whose picture of the city has adorned both the Lord Mayor’s Parlour and, perhaps more prestigiously, this very page, has donated this self-designed mug.

It features one of his snaps showing glorious skyline as taken from Park Hill.

Cheers John. Brew’s up.