Human beings and not the androids

Mobile phones
Mobile phones
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How refreshing it was to see two people writing on the same page who had no access to Facebook.

I wonder if they go back far enough to remember when you’d sit on a bus/train talking to your friends or even strangers when there would be this horrible music followed by somebody shouting at the top of their voice “I am on the bus/train”.

They would soon find themselves at the mercy of their fellow passengers. Somehow it always went very quiet.

The cause of this trouble for those of you who have never experienced this were called mobile phones.

Ironically many of those who did the threatening would say you’d have to pay me to have one. As the years go by there are few who have kept their word.

The replacements to the old mobiles are nothing short of unbelievable, mindblowing literally. Most people will see them not so much as “must haves” as “I cannot survive without one”. These handheld boxes have become almost replacement brains.

The effect they have had has come at a terrible cost, not just financially but in the way people now live their lives. Many dare not leave their homes or even go to bed without them. The reason for this is they are mini-computers.

Consider then they would have had to be very clever to have a computer in the good old days. Back then people who worked on computers were affectionately known as boffins.

The computers were very heavy and you’d need a reinforced floor at home.

Had you got it home, I doubt very much if it would have been of any use to you. There would have been very little chance of either programming it or even less chance of reading it.

People nowadays have become increasingly more ignorant. When was the last time anyone said hello to you on a train? In my experience, they just sit down, get out one of those infernal contraptions and cover the table. This is only to be expected as people simply do not speak to each other anymore, they would rather text.

Many years ago, Gary Numan wrote a song called “Are your friends electric?” He could never have known it but there are indeed more people who have electric friends whom they never actually see or ever speak to. This is of course due to the Internet (Facebook). I live in hope (although not in hatred) that one day all this will end and we will get back human beings and not the androids many have become.

Steve Roberts