Hug your boss? Or perhaps not...

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EARLY reminder to think about pulling a sickie next Friday.

EARLY reminder to think about pulling a sickie next Friday.

Apparently, it’s National Hug Your Boss Day.

YET more chess controversy - this time featuring your humble correspondent.

It seems the English Chess Federation are about as happy as a king caught in checkmate after this column reported on a disagreement between president CJ de Mooi and organisers of the sport’s recent British championships in Sheffield.

He was wearing a T-shirt which read ‘Some people are gay. Get over it’. And he had been due to present prizes at the event - but he didn’t.

Now, the fed wants me to point out Mr de Mooi was never asked not to do the presentation wearing the T-shirt, as reported.

In fact, they say there was simply a, ahem, “amicable discussion” where it was pointed out it was customary for dignitaries to dress ‘smart casual’, rather than in T-shirts.

After said “discussion” Mr De Mooi declined to present the prizes - though, in a co-ordinated press release, he later said he had over-reacted.

The important thing?

They’re all (check)mates again now, Mr De Mooi’s offer to resign has been refused and everyone can get on playing with their pawns.

Don’t you love a happy ending?

AND talking of chess loonies (which, obviously, we weren’t), a quick note of appreciation for The Showroom which recently featured Bobby Fischer Against The World.

I can’t recommend the documentary about the flawed American genius highly enough. More to the point, it’s films like that which make you realise just how ace it is having an independent cinema here.

ABOUT time too.

It seems the General Post Office is to be brought back into use.

Owners Langland Estates are in talks with Sheffield Council about its restoration, as reported in The Star. It should never have been allowed to fall into its present state, of course – but now let’s hope more delays are kept to a minimum.