How does he know?

Central Library and Graves Art Gallery. Picture: Andrew Roe
Central Library and Graves Art Gallery. Picture: Andrew Roe
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You report Coun Jack Scott’s fanciful idea that our city’s people will in future ‘rue the day’ that they voted to save the Central Library and Graves Art Gallery building from sale.

Can anyone conceive of a Sheffield citizen thinking, ‘Oh, how I rue the day that we saved that beautiful building and popular, much-loved resource, which is busy on every day that it is open, and which has brilliantly performed its dedicated civic purpose since 1934, from being stripped of its civic heritage and being transformed into a five-star hotel that would have been of use only to wealthy, short-stay visitors, within short walking distance of other hotels’?

Scott then says that the building’s benefactor, JG Graves, would have approved of the hotel plan.

Given that Coun Scott’s motives have nothing in common with those of Graves, he should refrain from pretending to know what the late, great public benefactor would have thought.

Christopher Wilson

Gleadless Road, Sheffield S2