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The tenants and residents need the truth and not to be fed the edited propaganda being spilled out by housing chiefs and Sheffield City Council about the proposals to restructure the housing service in the pilot area in the South East.

The housing+ service does not work here in the South East of the city and will not work in other parts of the city.

The pilot has now been running for over a year and the excellent service once delivered is unravelling more and more each day.

Staff have tried their best to make it work, but honestly, you cannot be Jack of all trades and expect to deliver the same excellent service.

The resources and structure in the South East are unworkable.

The fact of the matter is, too many tasks, too little knowledge and too little time to complete, meaning corners are being cut and the quality of work and services are suffering badly.

Staff are being told they need to be visible on estates. Are we now becoming police and social workers? Both of these sectors have had resources cut, but this is not for housing to pick up.

Presently we have centralised teams dealing with anti-social behaviour and rents specialists teams equipped to deal with difficult situations while offering support. These teams have been very supportive in trying to help colleagues at Crystal Peaks understand the new role expected of them.

H+ does not work under the current structure. Perhaps the way forward to ensure that H+ is to work is to bring the centralised teams back into housing area offices as it was in years gone by, so you have a seamless delivery of service.

This H+ is not about making a better service for our tenants, it is about wage cuts and budgets.

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