He deserves all the praise we can offer

John Birkhill
John Birkhill
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As a Scot who has lived in Sheffield for more than 50 years, I’m proud to be accepted as an adopted Yorkshire man.

It was with disgust that I heard my good friend John Birkhill, ‘The Man with the Pram’ had been verbally abused by so called Rangers fans.

The abuse took place outside the Wednesday ground while a friendly match between the Owls and Rangers was in progress.

This shows how dedicated these ‘fans’ are as they would rather stop outside the ground getting drunk than watch the match.

Several true Rangers fans went across to John and apologised and put a good donation in his collection bucket. This was the start of an appeal on Facebook by Rangers fans which has so far raised a handsome amount for Macmillan Cancer Support.

John has been invited to Ibrox Park in Glasgow next Saturday, August 12, to receive the cheque during the half-time break. John has also been invited to watch the match from the Directors’ Box.

The rub is, John will walk into the ground pushing his renowned pram and wearing his famous outfit of shorts, Macmillan vest and green wig.

He will then be obliged to change into a suit with white shirt and tie to appear in the Directors’ Box. At half-time, John will then change back into his ‘Macmillan uniform’ of shorts, vest and wig to collect the cheque. He will then be obliged to change back into his suit and tie to continue watching the match from the Directors’ Box.

Surely the Rangers Directors can bend the strict rule of suited and booted for visitors to the ‘hallowed’ Directors’ Box?

John is well known throughout the UK as a highly respected charity collector, having raised many thousands of pounds for various charities, mainly Macmillan Cancer Support.

Surely Rangers’ Board of Directors can accept John for what he is, a modest selfless man with no other thought than to help wherever and whenever he can?

On behalf of the Man with the Pram, let him wear his uniform proudly as a badge of honour.

He deserves all the praise we can offer.

Praise which he neither seeks nor desires.

Tam Curran