He’d say that wouldn’t he?

David Blunkett
David Blunkett
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I write in response to your article quoting Lord David Blunkett as saying “Corbyn victory is a catastrophe”, my immediate reaction being “well, he would say that wouldn’t he?”

This is the man who has a fondness for using the Daily Mail, that well-known socialist rag, as his mouthpiece of choice to express his horror at what is happening at the grassroots of the Labour Party.

He states that his “worst political nightmare is a Labour Party that doesn’t connect to the lives of ordinary working people”.

Is he unable to understand that it is because of him and his friends in New Labour that Jeremy Corbyn has become such a phenomenal success?

This is also the man, when “ordinary working people” in South Yorkshire were dealing with unemployment and poverty, who caused a bit of a stir when he chose to become incensed in the pages of your paper about constantly being given the wrong sort of wine glass when dining out in Sheffield.

He was financially involved with A4E, the company run by Emma Harrison, which made her a millionaire through government contracts and which was ultimately investigated for fraud.

He and his political friends have done nothing illegal by spinning through the revolving door from public office to becoming lobbyists and advisors to private companies associated with their previous ministries, but it leaves an unpleasant taste.

I believe that sort of behaviour has contributed to the public disillusionment with politicians and doubtless also to those who feel they have been ignored by our political system and believed they would change things by voting for Brexit.

Lord Blunkett appears to believe that Corbyn activists and supporters are “modern-day Marxists”; I would be inclined to call them socialists, a term that he might have understood many years ago but no longer seems to comprehend.

I am a pensioner who lost interest in the Labour Party when it became apparent what New Labour represented – a continuation of Thatcherism.

I agree with John Prescott, who recently told Piers Morgan on Sky TV that it’s Blunkett who’s a “bloody catastrophe”.

It’s time the Labour leadership was given a chance to talk about policy.

Blunkett and his ilk should stop causing a distraction.

Teresa Pursall

Greystones Road, S11

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