Have they no pride?

Page Hall
Page Hall
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Further to my letter on Page Hall that you published September 20. Things are not better.

Thank you for publishing it and the other articles and letters you received telling people exactly how bad the area is.

Streets Ahead, after receiving my complaints, finally emptied the bins on Monday, September 19 and had made some inroads to cleaning up the area on Tuesday.

However, they only centred on the immediate part of Page Hall Road and Firth Park Road junction rather than all around this area.

There are bins overflowing even at Firs Hill, with problems all the way up to Lane Top, whether you go via Firth Park Road or up along Barnsley Road.

There was still rubbish accumulating today at Page Hall and no amount of tidying up can clean the actual pavements of marks of the rubbish, bits of papers and chewing gum.

This has been well and truly stuck down with rain and feet trampling it in.

Even when cleaned it still looks scruffy for this reason alone, never mind the poor appearance of many of the shops in the area.

Don’t these people have any pride at all?

Supposedly many came here for a better life.

Why are they allowed to ruin ours?

Why aren’t shopkeepers doing more to keep their fronts clean and tidy instead of allowing rubbish to accumulate in front of their shops?

This is not just a cleanliness issue but also a health and safety issue.

Rubbish attracts vermin and Page Hall and the surrounding areas, must be overrun with rats.

Sheffield Council has a duty of care to us, its residents.

It is time for Sheffield Council and the councillors who represent these areas to stop burying their heads in the sand and get down to sorting out what is a massive problem.

Come on folks, keep applying the pressure.

Send your complaints to streetsahead@sheffield.gov.uk or ring 0114 2734567.

Lobby your councillors.

Disgusted still

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