Have faith in Brexit

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After reading the letter from DJW in the Star (July 25), I say to him “O, ye of little faith”.

I agree that the main reason for our leaving was uncontrolled migration and borders, but add to this the increasing loss/transfer of our National Sovereignty to the EU.

Yes, the weekly contribution to the EU has now been ascertained as £160 million, yet even this figure can be put to far better use by our being independent of the EU.

Both Remain and Leave sides made false claims.

The Government, political party leaders, business companies and trade unions all forecast doom and gloom for Britain if we left the EU.

Even a third world war was mentioned!

Initially, the stock market fell and the pound was devalued against other currencies.

However, in the few weeks that have followed the referendum, stock market prices have risen above their level prior to the vote, and the pound is now regaining its lost value.

New free trade markets are being explored in the USA, Canada, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, to name a few.

The value of this potential free market far exceeds that of the single EU bloc and we will not have to ask permission from the other 27 EU member countries to access that market.

On the local scene, Sheffield City Council has just agreed a major financial investment with China.

Some foreseen consequences of uncontrolled UK migration and borders are overload of the NHS, lack of housing for new migrants and the current population, too many people chasing too few jobs, strain on education resources, lower standard of living, civil unrest.

If we remained in the EU this problem would not be addressed, and we would all be greatly poorer by our decision to remain.

DJW states that the heads of the European parliament have told us that restriction of movement into the UK is non-negotiable.

Disagreement with that stance was a major reason for a 1.5 million majority voting to leave the EU.

Our future prospects are bright, economic improvement from not having to cover the cost and consequences of uncontrolled migration, new trading opportunities outside of the EU.

Our current trade deficit with the EU is greatly in their favour, I cannot envisage Germany and France not wishing to do business with us when we leave the EU, it would be to their financial disadvantage.

So cheer up DJW, look to the future with a positive mind, fly the flag and remember that we have always been a great trading nation.

Yes, times may be hard for a while but the ultimate future benefit to our nation is something to put one’s faith in.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5