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A QUICK question for Pauline Preston, the Stannington fraudster who The Star reports has been jailed for a fourth time in 12 years: you’re clearly not very good at getting away with your crimes, duck – why don’t you try your hand at something else?

n Ninety thousand pounds for a one-bedroom flat on a building site, hey?

“It is a very nice building site,” says Mark Latham, development manager with Urban Splash, the company behind the Park Hill redevelopment.

He’s right. I’ve seen it. As building sites go, it’s a belter. Still, for anyone agreeing to that amount – rather you than me.

n And talking of outrageous wastes of money, isn’t it nice to know, in these austere times, Sheffield Council can still afford to send the Lord Mayor on a jolly – sorry, a twinning exercise – to Germany?

Coun Sylvia Dunkley is being flown to Bochum – our twin city, apparently – for three days of cultural activities, as reported in yesterday’s Star.

It’s going to cost us £217. Which isn’t a massive amount, of course – but isn’t there a point of principle that at a moment of swingeing cuts to virtually all services that perhaps foreign jaunts could be put on the back burner?

n THIS column doesn’t have a motto but if it did it might go something like this: if Herol Bomber Graham is involved it’s worth writing about.

The legendary Sheffield-based boxer – former European middleweight champion, unbeaten in his first 38 fights, all-round laugh-a-minute funny bloke – is starring in a new independent movie being made here. He’s one of the lead bad guys as this page previously revealed.

So, what’s new? The directors are now looking for extras for a club scene being filmed at the Casbah, in Cambridge Street, city centre, this Saturday from 1pm. They want 21- to 60-year-olds to get dressed up and go along to play at being revellers.

The bad news? Bomber won’t be there. The good news? You’ll still be able to say you starred in a film with him.