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I am writing to apologise to Paul Kenny for the letters my son has been submitting to the Star.

I have only recently discovered that he has been hiding under the alias, ‘Willy’ Everlearn.

It seems, from Paul’s strong reaction, that, finally, he too now realises that it is a pseudonym.

My son’s first name is actually, Ewan.

Ewan tries to appear grown-up but he is in fact just a little joker.

I have told him that he is no match for someone like Paul, who has crossed swords with some of the Star’s very best letter writers.

He now concedes that Paul is right in everything he says.

Although my son insists that he was writing in a ‘tongue in cheek’ manner, I have instructed him to refrain from further correspondence until he has, at the very least, completed his primary school education.

Finally, I sincerely hope that Paul will carry on with his entertaining letters and that he can quickly find a more worthy adversary.

Hywell E Everlearn

by email