Happy 100th birthday

100th birthday celebration
100th birthday celebration
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I recently bought a replica of the Yorkshire Post from March 21, 1917 to mark the occasion of my father’s 100th birthday and for comparison I arranged for a recent copy of The Star to be sent to us by friends living in Sheffield.

My father Stuart was tickled pink to read the article in The Star about Sheffield lady Thora Bond who also celebrated her 100th birthday recently.

We send her our very best wishes and hope she enjoyed her birthday meal and glass of sherry!

Dad grew up in Murray Road, Sheffield, until the age of 16 when his mother moved back to Sussex after the death of his father who had worked in the family business of Foulds & Howson, razor case manufacturers.

Dad always speaks fondly of his early years in Sheffield and of cycling and walking in the Peak District.

Readers may like to see this photo of him enjoying a birthday cake in his local pub.

Wendy Foulds

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Council do a good job

It makes one wonder why we have a council in Sheffield when there are so many critics who think they know better.

It reminds me of the people cutting hair and driving taxis saying they know exactly what the council should be doing.

They may be right, but let the council get on with running the city, they are a making a good job of it up to now.

EB Warris

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Trench warfare

So the man with the yellow spray can has made a visit to the affected trench at the junction of Hanging Water Road and Nethergreen Road.

My letter pointed this problem out the other week, saying that the workmanship on this site was pathetic.

I now wonder how long it will be before we see the repair carried out?

Looking at the state of the road and the space between the yellow marks it will take about 10 minutes, so may I suggest that the people using this road find an alternative route.

Companies that cause problems like this should be heavily find.



Easter celebrations

Mrs May and the Archbishop of York show a misplaced sense of proportions in their criticism of Cadbury for downplaying Easter in the marketing of their Creme Eggs.

After all, the manufacturer’s founder, John Cadbury was a Quaker who didn’t celebrate Easter and would likely be more concerned at the substitution by the firm’s new USAnian owners Mondalez, of cheap ingredients in place of the traditional Dairy Milk Chocolate recipe previously used for the eggs.

John Hein

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City of Trees, a poem

From above the city looked green

So many trees – what a stunning scene

Trees to filter the fumes from the air,

Arboreal beauty everywhere.

Our City of Steel was a City of Trees

With songbirds hidden amongst the leaves

Then Amey arrived with their corporate silence

Basing decisions on pseudo-science.

To pollard or prune would reduce their profit

Though tax paying Sheffielders cried “Come off it!”

The vandals arrived in the early morning

Dressed in hard hats without any warning

With safety glasses that hid their eyes

And hi-viz hoodies to complete the disguise.

On their backs they’d stamped “Streets Ahead”

But surely this legend should have read

Something different like “Streets Behind”

For such was the vision they had in mind

A city of saplings and wooden stakes too

Bashed in our pavements where giants once grew.

Neil Theasby

Sheffield 11

Nowt to do with us

Spearmint Rhino gets its licence renewed or maybe it won’t, I have no desire to visit, though I suppose I am not their hoped- for visitor.

Many people must go through the doors as it’s been here 15 years so it’s obviously making money.

The girls who work there, it’s up to them, it’s their life, they can choose how they live it.

If men want to go in there and part with there money again their choice.

Let people get on with their business, its’ nowt to do with us.

Jayne Grayson

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It makes us laugh

As we see what Nick Clegg and the rest of the remoaners have to say on a second vote, it makes us laugh and think that they’d have been OK working in the factories and forges my dad and brothers worked in.

When the union called for a vote, we voted, and if you didn’t like the outcome of the vote, tough, you just went back grafting on the hammers and drop stamps and sweating in front of the hot furnaces. But Nick and his pals wouldn’t know anything about that, would they?

Mr G Hill


Finding your old shipmate

Thank you again for printing my letters about reuniting those who have served together in the Royal Navy.

My letters are often cut out and sent to someone who has served in the Royal Navy, ‘My Niece saw your letter and sent it to me’

Many are missing the camaraderie of those who served in the Royal Navy, such as the eight already found from HMS Raleigh; 23 Entry Benbow Division, 2nd June 1980.

An RN shipmates reunion is being held over the weekend of Friday, April 21 to Monday 24 in the Midlands.

This includes a coach tour over the weekend and of course, a tot issue.

Wives and partners are welcome too.

No association or annual subscription, just come and ‘swing the lamp’ and find old shipmates.

Contact me for reunion details, Mike Crowe on mike.crowe1@btinternet.com or at 7 Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight. PO36 8PG (A stamp will help the pension if writing to me for reunion details).

The next move towards finding your old shipmate is yours. Do it now.

Mike Crowe

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Labour councils

SJ, (March 31), Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool are way ahead of Sheffield and those three cities are run by Labour councils.


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